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Planning for the future with a strong prenuptial agreement

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Prenuptial Agreements

When planning to marry, it can be difficult to think about the future past the wedding day and the honeymoon. While engagement is an exciting time, it is beneficial for a Florida couple to look at their future and start planning now for possible contingencies. One way to do this is to draft a strong and thoughtful prenuptial agreement.

Couples are often reluctant to draft these types of agreements out of the assumption that they don’t need one or wouldn’t benefit from this type of protection. Other times, a couple may hesitate to do this because it’s uncomfortable and unromantic to think about the possibility that the marriage may end before even making it down the aisle. In reality, there are plenty of practical benefits to this step for couples of all income levels.

This agreement provides documentation in case a couple finds themselves in a dispute over marital assets down the road. It can also clearly distinguish between separate and marital assets as well as outline the financial responsibilities of each party during the marriage. Preparing for divorce can set boundaries, protect financial interests and allow spouses to feel confident about their futures in case of a divorce.

Drafting a prenuptial agreement is useful for many Florida couples who wish to enter their marriage with peace of mind. The terms of this type of agreement are important, and a person will find significant benefit in seeking experienced guidance when drafting one. A reader may want to seek an evaluation of his or her case in order to learn more about the benefits of these contracts.

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