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Can 2 parents who don’t talk make child custody work?

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Child Custody

When Florida parents go through a divorce, they find that some of the most difficult issues to resolve are those affecting what will happen with the children. For some families, co-parenting is a type of child custody plan that allows both parents to have a strong relationship with their kids, but it can be difficult to make this type of arrangement work when parents don’t get along. Is it possible to make co-parenting work if two parents don’t talk?

For most co-parenting arrangements, communication is the key to making it work well. Parents will need to be able to discuss changes in schedules and things that the kids need. Co-parents will also want to avoid talking badly about each other and be willing to remain amicable when attending things for the children. While it’s not easy to keep open dialogue and stay in touch, it’s in the interests of the children for parents to do this.

While it is more rare, it is possible for parents to co-parent without actually talking with each other. This may work in cases where parents want the kids to have access to each of them but are not able to communicate peacefully with each other. To make this work, it requires a thorough parenting plan in writing and a consistent schedule that parents can easily follow without much interaction.

Every child custody situation is different. Florida parents will want to think carefully about what works best for their individual and unique family. Co-parenting can be a good way to provide continuity of lifestyle for the kids, but it requires a thoughtful and intentional approach.

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