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How to break the news of your divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | Divorce

It is not easy telling someone bad news, let alone the very personal information that you are getting a divorce. When you are unsure how your loved ones react, it might feel impossible to break the news.

Planning ahead can help you alleviate some stress during this big step in your life.

When should I make the announcement?

When you feel comfortable enough to do so, start to make a plan on how you will disclose your divorce. Before going public, those who are closest to you deserve to hear the news first. Have conversations with your children, very close family and friends who you regularly speak to.

When you speak to your children, coordinate with their other parent on how to explain your changing family dynamics. Kids benefit from an honest conversation with both guardians.

How can I break the news?

Try to coordinate breaking the news with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, if you are still in communication with him or her. This might make your strategy easier if you are close to both sides of the family and have the same group of friends.

Your divorce announcement does not to be a grand event with very personal details. Keeping the news simple and respectful is better, even if the reason for the end of your marriage is messy. If people ask questions you are not comfortable answering, you can thank them for their support but make sure to set boundaries if you prefer not to discuss things further.

Since attorneys might use your social media posts as evidence in family law cases, avoid hurting your case by posting too much information about your divorce online. Be cautious about what you publish as now is not the time to act impulsively or air your grievances.

Overall, developing a plan will help you handle this emotional exhausting period in your life.

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