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Can you get a job with an arrest record, but no convictions?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | blog

Recently, Florida law enforcement pulled you over for driving under the influence. They arrested you, but they did not convict you. How does this impact your ongoing job search?

Chron shines a light on the particulars of gaining employment with an arrest record free of convictions and charges. Understand how to proceed before submitting more applications.

Arrest records at the federal level

The federal Equal Employee Opportunity Commission forbids employers across the U.S. from immediately turning down job applicants because they have an arrest record. Companies must dig into the details to understand the reason for the arrest before deciding whether the person makes for a suitable hiring candidate.

Background and criminal records checks

Besides asking applicants about their arrest or criminal records on job applications, employers may conduct background checks on all candidates. Those who do must ask applicants for their permission before looking into their pasts.

A majority of third-party background checks only include arrests that happened in the last seven years. Federal law states that if a company rejects a candidate because of the results of a background check, the hiring manager must let the applicant or employee know about the findings. The company must also share a copy of the background check that influenced its decision and the name of the company used to perform the investigation.

Job search strategy

Prepare for recruiters to ask you about the circumstances of your apprehension. What steps do you take to ensure law enforcement never arrests you again? What did the experience teach you about yourself? These are the answers companies often want to know.

You deserve to know your rights while attempting to further your career. Working with a legal professional may help you know which moves to make.

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