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Parenting plan enforcement in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | blog, Fathers' Rights, Paternity

If you are a father struggling with the aftermath of a difficult divorce, you could have many challenges to work through, such as emotional pain due to missing your child and financial concerns as a result of child support obligations. Moreover, some non-custodial parents cannot spend any time with their children because the custodial parent refuses to abide by the terms of the parenting time arrangement.

Even when a non-custodial parent cannot see their child due to parenting plan violations, they still have to pay child support (or they could face harsh penalties, including the loss of their passport, wage garnishment and even time behind bars). Custodial parents can also face serious penalties for violating parenting plan arrangements.

Looking at the penalties for parenting plan violations

The Florida Senate reports that custodial parents who fail to respect time-sharing agreements can face a number of repercussions. For starters, they could have to pay legal fees and court costs. Some parents have to perform community service and make up for missed parenting time. In addition, the court could order the parent who violated the time-sharing agreement to take a parenting course.

Other consequences for violating a parenting plan

In some instances, courts modify parenting plans as a result of violations. In fact, a parent who fails to respect a time-sharing agreement could even face contempt of court charges, as well as other penalties imposed by the court.

If your child’s other parent has failed to respect the terms of your parenting plan, you need to stand up for your rights and carefully go over your options.

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