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Many Florida spouses settle their divorce outside of court

Many couples choose to negotiate the details of their divorce through their attorneys, outside of a court of law. That is often a far better path for Florida spouses, as it can reduce the time and expense of a divorce, and also keep their private matters out of public display. High profile couple Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson recently settled their divorce, but only after years of highly visible strife. 

Tips for name change after a Florida divorce

Ending a marriage necessitates an ever-increasing list of "to do" items. For many Florida spouses, one of those items includes changing their name once the divorce is made final. While not everyone seeks a name change after a divorce, for many it is a symbol of a new start in life, and a way to reclaim their identity as an individual. This article offers a range of useful tips for a post-divorce name change.

Safeguard finances in retirement years after a divorce

When a Florida couple decides to end their marriage, regardless of age, there are a significant amount of issues to resolve. If a couple is over the age of 50 when the breakup occurs, questions may arise about how retirement funds will be handled.  Advisors have offered several tips on how to protect one's finances both when going through a divorce and in the following years.

A temporary divorce court order can give structure to separation

When a marriage ends and a Florida couple separates, there are typically multiple issues to decide. Life goes on, and in the time leading up to the divorce, there will be rental or mortgage payments, the children will need support, and if one of the parents was a stay-at-home parent, that person might need spousal support. It could take weeks, months or even years to finalize a divorce, and that is where a temporary divorce court order can play a role to give structure.

Legislative change could help cover costs of family law attorney

A woman living in another state recently enjoyed a bit of a victory after her case prompted legislative action. The woman is a victim of domestic violence, and when she tried to divorce the man who harmed her, she learned that state law required her to pay for his family law attorney. While that outcome may be unthinkable to many Florida residents, the matter illustrates the loopholes that often exist in the law. 

A family law attorney can help when divorcing a narcissist

Many spouses are difficult, especially during the course of a divorce. There are some instances, however, when a Florida spouse is a clinical narcissist. Divorcing a narcissistic spouse is an even more harrowing experience, and one that can be improved by working with a skilled family law attorney

Reality television star plans to divorce husband of 11 years

Most Florida couples would probably attest to the fact that the termination of a marriage is painful and difficult. Many couples do not realize the extent in which their lives are intertwined with their spouses until divorce negotiations begin. Unfortunately, some divorces can take a long time due to disagreements on the terms of separation. One reality star couple in another state is about to make a second attempt at legal separation after their first attempt failed.  

Which Florida jobs have the highest rate of divorce?

A great deal of social science is focused on matters of the heart. Issues of courtship, marriage and divorce are often the subject of social research. A recently released study looks at which occupations have higher than average divorce rates. The answers may come as a surprise to some Florida spouses, while others will firmly agree with the researcher's findings.

Reasons to ask a family law attorney about collaborative divorce

When many people think about collaborative divorce, they envision a process that bears no resemblance to a traditionally litigated divorce. In reality, however, Florida families who pursue a collaborative divorce still have all of the protections and advocacy afforded to traditional divorce clients. The only difference is that a family law attorney who focuses on collaborative divorce begins from a position of collaboration, rather than adversity.

4 divorce options for Florida spouses to consider

Faced with a broken marriage, many spouses reach a point at which they are ready to move on and file for divorce. The manner in which a divorce is processed is up to each couple. There are a number of different paths that can be taken, all with a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding their particular divorce needs can help a Florida couple choose a path that provides the best possible outcome.