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A family law attorney can help when divorcing a narcissist

Many spouses are difficult, especially during the course of a divorce. There are some instances, however, when a Florida spouse is a clinical narcissist. Divorcing a narcissistic spouse is an even more harrowing experience, and one that can be improved by working with a skilled family law attorney

Reality television star plans to divorce husband of 11 years

Most Florida couples would probably attest to the fact that the termination of a marriage is painful and difficult. Many couples do not realize the extent in which their lives are intertwined with their spouses until divorce negotiations begin. Unfortunately, some divorces can take a long time due to disagreements on the terms of separation. One reality star couple in another state is about to make a second attempt at legal separation after their first attempt failed.  

Which Florida jobs have the highest rate of divorce?

A great deal of social science is focused on matters of the heart. Issues of courtship, marriage and divorce are often the subject of social research. A recently released study looks at which occupations have higher than average divorce rates. The answers may come as a surprise to some Florida spouses, while others will firmly agree with the researcher's findings.

Reasons to ask a family law attorney about collaborative divorce

When many people think about collaborative divorce, they envision a process that bears no resemblance to a traditionally litigated divorce. In reality, however, Florida families who pursue a collaborative divorce still have all of the protections and advocacy afforded to traditional divorce clients. The only difference is that a family law attorney who focuses on collaborative divorce begins from a position of collaboration, rather than adversity.

4 divorce options for Florida spouses to consider

Faced with a broken marriage, many spouses reach a point at which they are ready to move on and file for divorce. The manner in which a divorce is processed is up to each couple. There are a number of different paths that can be taken, all with a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding their particular divorce needs can help a Florida couple choose a path that provides the best possible outcome.

Divorce becoming more socially acceptable in Florida, elsewhere

One of the biggest obstacles for spouses who are considering divorce is the way that their decision might be received by friends, family and co-workers. After all, it was not so long ago that a divorce brought a heavy burden of social stigma, and was an issue that brought on social stresses for both men and women. An evaluation of new and old statistics, however, suggests that divorce is more socially acceptable than ever, in Florida and across the nation.

Could Trump presidency be causing Punta Gorda divorces?

When asked why they chose to end their marriage, no two spouses will have the exact same set of reasons. Divorce is a complicated matter, one that depends heavily on the personalities, expectations, behaviors and preferences of the two individuals involved. In some cases, disagreements over political matters can cause tension in a marriage. According to some, the Trump presidency might be pushing those tensions to the limit, and causing some Punta Gorda residents to divorce.

Family law attorney explains child support increase

The ongoing divorce between Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi Jackson has been making headlines for several months now. The couple remains at odds over the jurisdiction in which their case will be heard. However, in a recent and unexpected shift, Jesse Jackson Jr. has voluntarily increased his child support payments. A family law attorney working with Jackson gave an explanation for that decision, and the case has prompted debate in Florida and elsewhere.

Tax tips for Florida parents during and after divorce

During the course of a divorce, most people spend a great deal of time and effort considering how their financial circumstances could change once their marriage comes to an end. Even so, one of the most often overlooked topics regarding divorce is the impact this change in family status could have on both spouses' tax obligations. It is important to understand that a Florida divorce will have a great deal of impact on each party's tax standing for many years to come.

A few things to keep in mind for stepparent adoption

Stepparent adoption, as the term implies, is when a stepparent adopts his or her spouse's child(ren). However, a lot more goes into the process. If you are considering stepparent adoption for your family, keep the following few things in mind.